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Roof Repair Services

Typical Roof Problems

Not every roofing issue will require you to spend thousands in replacing a brand new roof. At APR, we can efficiently diagnose and repair minor roofing problems, adding years to your roof and dollars to your wallet!

When you contact us at APR, we first run an on-site or virtual assessment to determine the most efficient and budget-friendly solution for your roof repair. After completing our estimates, we'll dispatch our roofing experts to meet you and your roofing repair needs.

As they say, "Prevention is the best cure", and the sooner you can detect your roofing needs, the less you spend in the long term. Below are some examples of problems that indicate it may be time to consider repairing your roof

Hole in roof


Cracks in your roof are usually caused by various weather conditions including heavy rains, high winds, and cold temperatures. As the rain and wind become more frequent, the cracks become wider. The best way to repair cracks is to call your specialized roof repair specialists at APR; the sooner you call, the cheaper it will be to repair and maintain your roof.

Weary Gutters

Gutter maintenance is essential to any home, as the more debris the gutters collect, the greater the likelihood of a clog. Over time, unaccounted clogs in the gutters can lead to quicker rust and decay. APR can not only help with clog removal, we can show you how to maintain your gutters for the long-term. At worst case scenario, a clogged gutter could even fall off, requiring further costs for reinstalment and repair

Water in gutters
Mold on roof


Over rainy and hot seasons, the absorbed rain water and un-shielded heat from the sun can cause mold to spore on your roof. This mold not only affects the look of your home, but unattended can cause structural issues and even breathing problems. When you notice mold on your roof, call APR and we will remove and repair any mold and spores, along with showing you the best ways to keep mold from affecting your home again!

Buckling Shingles

Fluctuating temperatures season to season can cause your shingles to buckle, and eventually fall off it left unrepaired and during sever weather conditions. At APR, we can inspect and repair your shingles, and show you how to better maintain your roof shingles

Fixing the Roof
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