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Roof Repair Services

How to Spot Roof Problems

Some roof problems don’t necessarily need you to change your roofs completely; sometimes, they just need minor fixing. APR offers roof repair services that fix your roof problems and give you more years to use the roof.

If you want to work with us, we, first of all, run an assessment, whether on-site or virtual, to find out what the actual problem is. Then we send our roofing experts to solve the problem for you.

Early detection is crucial, as this saves you from a lot of extra costs in the future. Here are some obvious and not so apparent indicators that show that you need to repair your roof.

Hole in Roof_edited.jpg


Cracks usually come from weather issues like heavy rains, high winds, and cold temperatures. And with more of these heavy winds and rainfalls, the more these cracks widen. If you notice any cracks on your roof, it’s advisable to get it fixed before it worsens and becomes more expensive to repair.

Weary Gutters

The more your roofs collect debris, the more it clogs. And over time, it can cause it to rust and decay. This is why you need to be properly educated on the right steps to take for maintenance. Because if this situation persists, the gutter is likely to fall off.

water in gutters.png
mold on roof.png


The absorption of rainwater and the heat from the sun can cause molds to appear. And this can affect the look of your roofs and the walls, plus can cause breathing problems. So, when you see any signs of molds, then it’s time to call APR!

Buckling Shingles

Because of fluctuating temperatures, your shingles are likely to start buckling. When this happens, your shingles will be more prone to falling off in serious weather conditions. And you won’t want your roof to be left exposed without shingles. So, call APR when such a problem suffices.

Fixing the Roof
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