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Roof Assessment and Inspection Services

What APR Roofing Inspects For?

Save money with our roof assessment services today. It’s not every problem your roof develops that needs a complete roof replacement. Some roofs just need maintenance; some can stay a few more years with minor repairs. 

But you may not know all of these. This is why our roof assessment service is essential. We are like doctors for your roof who run tests to determine the problem and prescribe a solution.

APR’s roof assessment and inspection services are useful for residential and commercial buildings, and the things we evaluate for include:

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Roof Damage

Our aim here is to find out the reason for your roof’s issues. It may range from leaks, hail, wind or storm damage. This will help us determine if your roof needs changing or repairs.

Installation Errors

For instance, you just got a new roof installed by someone who may not have been the most skilled. You can hire us to assess the roof to see if it meets industry standards. Plus, if we find an area that wasn’t correctly installed, we can adjust it properly.

installation errors.png
future issues.png

Future Issues

Let’s say you just move into a new home, and you want an expert to check the roof’s condition; we can come in and give an unbiased account of how long the roof will last and point out areas that may need repairs. 

Why You Need an Expert for Your Roof Assessment

  • Save time and costs

  • An unbiased report

  • Help you make intelligent decisions

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