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  • What other services does APR offer?
    At APR, we offer a wide range of home improvement services, including framing, kitchen/ bathroom remodeling, window installation and maintenance, gutters, and garage door installations.
  • What is the buying process for your roofing service?
    First, we ask our customers some basic questions on their project, including the size and square footage of the home, the current material used, and what materials they want to install. Afterwards, we perform an estimation of the cost, including labor and materials.
  • How do you do roof assessments?
    In our assessment process, we offer both virtual and on-site evaluations for a small fee. We recommend our on-site evaluations as they are more thorough in person, but we can accommodate for virtual assessments as well. On-site, we check the roof itself, check connections, chimney, protrusions, materials and the general structure of the building itself. In our virtual assessments, we take the dimensions based on what we see on Google images for the best estimate possible. APR is currently developing a process to take pictures sent from our clients and to create a 3d render of the house, adding greater accuracy to our virtual estimation services (coming soon!)
  • What’s the time frame for a roofing process?
    All repair and roofing installation service timeframes vary from project to project. Repairs typically take a day, but this highly depends on the size of the building (ex. a 3000 sq ft home may take up to 2 weeks). The materials used in installation or repair will also factor in the length of the project, as each material has it's own treatment and installation process. Adding further components to install and removing old material will lengthen the time of the project as well.
  • Do you ever recommend one product over another in terms of price?
    What products and materials we recommend in our installation and repairs depend on the client's given budget. At APR, we always aim to recommend the best products for our client's budget. Along with financing options, we offer construction loans, so that our clients can create payment plans that meet their financial needs.
  • What roofing options do you offer?
    We have a wide selection of roofing options to choose from, including traditional shingles, wood cedar, and metal roofing. Call us today to discuss what options we can provide to your home or business!
  • Do you offer clean-up services on-site?
    We do! We at APR know we've done our job to it's highest quality when we leave our project looking as if the home replaced it's roof itself! Part of our clean-up protocols include raking and shoveling debris, as well as magnetizing leftover nails.
  • What’s the first thing you look at for when a customer complains about a leaking roof?
    In our evaluation and inspection process for roof repairs, we look at the flashing first when a roof leaks. This is the first fail point when a roof begins to leak.

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