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Scott’s roofing journey started several decades ago when he saw a need for a quality, reliable, trustworthy business. He noticed, like in many businesses today, the roofing industry had a certain lack of personability, real connection. He has made it his mission to fill that need. In order to accomplish this mission he has personally developed a team of experts in all aspects of the roofing process and more. 


From your shingles to sheetrock, from plywood boards to hardwood floors, Scott’s team can do it all. 


Of course none of this can be accomplished without help from friends and family. That’s why APR Roofing focuses on establishing trust and connections with clients, so that if they get a referral, they know it was because there was a job well done. Scott has such pride in his work and strives to ensure happiness with every project. This is why he offers free estimates where he personally will come out to your home or business and assess with you what needs to be done. 


Visit the contact page today to start your journey with Scott and his team, they can’t wait to connect with you!

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